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Financial Dashboards and Models

KPIs and interactive dashboards

Understanding Key Performance Indicators ("KPIs") with clear, dynamic and interactive dashboards can be critical to early sign warnings of issues.  Our dashboards are custom-designed for different functions and users, from Executive Board level to departmental level.  These can include dynamic “what-if” scenarios and are custom-designed for your business.


Cash flow forecasting and management

Forecasting cash flows and profitability management is crucial and a fundamental task for all companies. Management needs to know when cash will be tight well in advance.  Additionally, investors and banks will need to understand the cash profile and how it may impact on covenants, returns and investment appraisal.


Our dashboards are especially helpful for Private Equity and Venture Capital-backed companies who must regularly provide meaningful and informative data to the investors.


Budget and operational tracking

A key part of the strategy evaluation and performance planning is clear and focused reporting and management.  Our tailor-made reporting structures and models derived through understanding will provide clarity and focus to the operational performance.


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